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The Five Element Seasons - Group Proxy Repatterning Series

The Five Element Seasons - Group Proxy Repatterning Series

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In this series of 5 group sessions participants set an overall goal or intention for the year.  We'll support our intentions with the 5  Element Seasonal Repatterning sessions.     When we are in synch with nature, we naturally take those actions that support our intentions and let go of those things that hold us back or do not work for us.  We transition through each season with ease. 

Begins December 21.   Register and begin the session at anytime by submitting your issues and intentions for the seasonal questions 
Revisit the sessions via the video recordings. 

Session Dates 
Winter Season - December 21
Spring Season - March 20th
Summer Season - June 21st 
Fall Season - September 23rd 
Earth Season - August 28th 
This group proxy session is intended to help participants make seasonal transitions with ease and retain a high energy state. Students will find it useful to deepen their their understanding of the five elements in relation to our underlying patterns. 

NOTE - This group series is included with Registration in the Basic Training Series Training