Tech Savvy Practitioner Training

Online Coordinator at and Holographic Coach - Carolyn Winter offers a webinar program designed for healing  practitioners on levels.  The webinar includes 12 or more videoconference lectures, recordings, detailed instructions and more to support you becoming "Tech Savvy" .   This program is automatically included in your registration for Learn Resonance Repatterning Online - Early Spring Series 2017 Training Begins February 14th 2017 - June 29th 2017  | 

To register as a new webinar member please visit Carolyn Winter's Webinar Site. 

Course description

If you have longed to over come fears or frustration of working with technology or to have enough skills to serve your clients online this course of study is for you! There are a few things that I know for sure....

  • All of us can learn to be a tech savvy practitioner by our own definition and in doing so - we serve our clients very well.
  • All impediments to learning are simply patterns - and we can change a pattern!
  • The cost of being Tech Savvy is minimal to none while personal satisfaction is high.
  • Working with a goal and a team of support accelerates a quantum leap in learning. Plus its fun!
The Tech Savvy Practitioner (is or becomes)...
  • independent of a 'web guy' but has the choice to engage their services where and if needed.
  • is self reliant, perseverant,self-assured and adopts an attitude of curiosity and "I can do that" mind set.
  • tends to quickly create new services and products for their clients because they have the know-how to do so
  • they feel supported and hopeful about technology in relation to their business.
This course has 3 main intentions 
  1. Provide an understanding of how information flows on the internet and reaches your clients and how potential clients will find you. Learn how to market online by creating content instead of selling.
  2. Learn online skills to manage your web presence and provide services to your clients and make them routine.
  3. "Make and Take" - Participants will learn solid techy skills by doing a number of assignments on their own or with an assigned 'buddy'.
Specifically what you will learn and accomplish:
  • Step by step instructions on how to set up a free blog with 3-5 basic web pages
  • Learn the basic structure of a blog and how to change it
  • Learn how to create a post and organize them
  • Learn how to manage pictures, videos, and social media
  • Make a graphic or poster for your blog post or page
  • Host a live streaming YouTube event
  • The creation of an online group repatterning event

We'll start by creating a vision of success, work plan and priorities for our time together. 

The course is laid out in Sections. There is a live online interactive event for each chapter, plus recordings, resources and assignments.
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The Tech Savvy Practitioner with Carolyn Winter
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