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INNER CULTIVATION Through the Twelve Meridians, and Five Senses with Chloe Wordsworth September TBA

INNER CULTIVATION Through the Twelve Meridians, and Five Senses with Chloe Wordsworth September TBA

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September 13, 14, 18, 20, 25 and 27 2017
PRICE NOW INCLUDES the latest edition of the Inner Cultivation book AND the Home Study  (Value $475.00) 

Time: Noon to 3:30pm Eastern
Other time zones beginning: [9:00am Pacific | 10:00am Mountain | 11:00am Central | Noon Eastern]

We are pleased to offer this advanced seminar with Chloe Wordsworth in our online classroom. Mentoring will be provided by Ardis Ozborn and Technical support by Carolyn Winter. First time students or retakers in the classroom have access to questions to Chloe and participating in demonstration sessions with her.


  • The Inner Cultivation Seminar may be taken any time after completing the Transforming Five Element and Meridian Patterns seminar.
  • The color filter torch is very helpful. (Available at the RRI EStore) .  The Chakra tuning forks are optional.  An OM tuning fork is recommended
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Book & Webinars/Audios -
  • The Seminar fee includes the related book (Shipping is extra) PLUS purchase of the HOME STUDY (Value $475) (Chloe has created webinars to cover the basic information so as to reserve time for demonstrating the actual repatternings)
  • Partial Audio recordings of each class are made available to participants for 30 days.
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Seminar Summary:

This seminar -- Inner Cultivation The Five Essences -- (webinars and online training) gives you an in-depth understanding of the 5 Element system of Chinese Acupuncture - using color and light on Acupuncture points in relation to twenty-five Meridian Repatternings.

  • This seminar involves the inner work towards manifesting and living the Five Essences:
  • The Shen Essence of consciousness enables you to know and follow the truth of your heart.
  • The Zhi Essence of your Will leads to an unperturbed mind. The Will enables you to conserve your resources and direct them in actions that help you manifest your inner potential.
  • The Hun Essence governs your evolution and growth. It gives you an elevated perspective and the capacity to access the overall plan for your life that is stored in your depths.
  • The Po Essence is associated with peace the inner tranquility that comes when you accept every situation as part of your life purpose.
  • The Yi Essence makes it possible for you to extract nourishment from all sources (whether from food, ideas, relationships or life experiences) and to live with integrity. Integrity provides you with the inner nourishment you need by aligning your words, thoughts and actions with the truth of your heart.

Inner Cultivation aims to balance the five disturbed emotions and your Five Essences through the 25 Meridian Repatternings, Mandel acupuncture point sequences, specific acupuncture points (using color and light) and the five Indian Mudras associated with each of the Essences.