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Become a Certified Practitioner of Resonance Repatterning  

Add to your credentials as an alternative healer with the Repatterning Practitioner’s Association certification program.

Download This Quick Guide  for More Information about RPA Certification 

It is recommended that you begin the certification program soon after completing the basic training.   All of your sessions then begin to ‘count’ towards your certification requirements.    Schedule the first of 3 required observations by an RPA designated observer within a few months of starting to receive positive feedback for integration in your process.  
Designated Observer Sessions - As a licensed teacher and RPA Designated Observer I have been working with students to support their certification process since 1995. I offer the following online options to anyone interested in the certification journey. I feel there is great value in becoming part of a certification group. When you watch another student demonstrating a session you benefit from the feedback I offer them and this gives you more feedback overall to integrate. You also get a fair comparison in terms of how you give sessions rather than only seeing a teacher, who is more experienced, demonstrating.

Ardis Ozborn 

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