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Becoming The Person You Want To TBA

Becoming The Person You Want To TBA

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Are your ready for an adventure?
Are you ready to take a deeper look at the road you are currently traveling?
Maybe its time to click your heels and invite Ardis to join your journey!

As a well traveled guide, Ardis steps right into the middle of wherever you are in your struggle and starts putting the pathway together right along with you: yellow brick by yellow brick. In these guided explorations, Ardis works organically, pulling from a long-acquired wealth of knowledge, skills and resources to help you identify some of the obstacles you are facing. She will draw your attention to exactly what is operating behind the curtains of your psyche, and show you how to get back to the great and powerful position of pulling your own levers in life. If you feel youre lacking the brains, heart or courage
To reach your destination,
It may be time to take a journey with Oz!
Becoming the Person You Want To Be! 
Lets take an afternoon for ourselves, removing barriers and & gaining insight to staying centered through busy, changing times such as parenting, aging, job challenges and more!

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Ardis Ozborn has been studying energy & systems of energy for 20 years, and in her journey events shares what she has learned with you!