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Basic Training Series 2019

Basic Training Series 2019

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Make your intention today and become a practitioner in 2019
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Discover the Power of the Resonance Repatterning System

Become a Practitioner with this Basic Training Series
Live Interactive Training Program Online Using Video Conferencing

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- Get Started with the Learn to Muscle Check in 90 Minutes with Ardis Ozborn webinar

In this seminar series you will discover the power of the resonance Repatterning system and how to clear energy patterns within yourself or others. You will learn...

  • the importance of the 'point of choice' and how to remain oriented towards life enhancing energy patterns
  • our unique method of muscle checking; learn to check yourself or another to identify what you resonate with.
  • how to identify and change the patterns that keep you and others stuck in repetitive and often painful patterns. Resonate instead with what energizes you in life.
  • Twenty six specific repatternings to transform negative perceptions and beliefs you unconsciously created in early infancy and childhood. These patterns still determine what you see or don't see, hear or don't hear, and how you project yourself in the world.
  • an orientation method, how to repattern specific problems into opportunities, and key elements for resonating with intention
  • brain area functions and qualities to resonate with to create coherence for your situation
  • energy patterns based on the Ayurvedic chakra system and its seven major concentrated reservoirs of energy that impact your body, your emotional responses, your thoughts and your attitude.
  • introduced to the Chinese Five element and meridian system of natural healing.
  • the attributes of each acupuncture element and meridian and how to strengthen the flow of chi life energy
  • The Spiral Up Options for change and transformation

What you learn will...

  • help you integrate your life's experiences and wisdom to create transformation within yourself and others
  • support personal growth, awareness, and inner healing
  • empower you to make life enhancing choices, and take action towards your goals
  • position you to help others with an extension of your current practice or to start an alternative career

Registration Includes:

  • The 5 basic seminars - Fundamentals, Primary Patterns, Transforming Unconscious Patterns, Chakra Patterns, and 5 Elements and Meridians 85 Hours plus practice sessions with Carolyn Winter
  • Pre-class webinars - Learn Muscle Checking in 90 Minutes; Sample class session,
  • "The Tech Savvy Practitioner" Online Skills for Practitioners with Carolyn Winter Webinar included with registration. Practitioners facilitating the extraordinary also need online skills to launch a practice and attract clients! This is an area where many alternative healing practitioners are reticent and do not have the skills or spend a great deal of money and time trying. Learn how to establish and manage your own web presence for little or no money. We'll show you how with our easy to do assignments our online coordinator, Carolyn Winter is incorporating basic internet skills practitioners will need into our regular assignments.
  • All books and materials(7 in total - Shipping is extra; for international orders we will send a post registration invoice for additional postal costs or excise fees incurred)

Tuesdays and Thursdays Noon to 3:30pm Eastern
Other TIme zone start times: [9:00 am Pacific |10:00 am Mountain | 11:00 am Central | Noon Eastern | 5:00 pm London]

Jan 8th, 10th, 15th , 17th,  24th + practice  with Carolyn TBA

March 5th, 7th, 12th 14th + practice 21st with Carolyn

April 23, 25, 30th and May 2, 7th (Practice session with client with Ardis)  and 9th practice with Carolyn

Jun4th 6th, 11th 13th, & 20th practice

 Sept 10th, 12th 17th, 19th, 24th, 26th Prac October 3rd  and 

Series Wrap -  2019
Wrap on Oct 15th 

Other Notes:
- Classes are live and interactive using video conferencing services of (free to you)
- Partial audio recordings of the live interactive classes available for 8 months after the series is completed
- Register early to reserve your seat.

Post Training Eligibility - With completion of this training you are eligible for ....
- The Repatterning Practitioners Association (501c6 Trade Association) Certification program
- Advanced training seminars by Chloe Wordsworth and /or Ardis Ozborn (Principles of Relationship, Energetics of Relationship, A New Vision, and Inner Cultivation)
- Certification Coaching with Ardis Ozborn (Ardis Ozborn is an official RPA Designated Observer for the Certification program)

How To Register

- Make sure you have the technical requirements to support your registration. Contact Online Coordinator Carolyn Winter to discuss if unsure. ([email protected])
- Open an account at
- Go to the Series Registration Page and select your payment option from the drop-down above
- Complete the checkout page and pay with a credit card.

Contact Online Coordinator Carolyn Winter if you have questions or need assistance.
Phone: 416-763-6306 (In Toronto) or Email: [email protected]

NOTE - CONFIRMATION OF SEMINAR START DATE- For any positive group experience we need energy to flow and ideas to be shared. The series will go forward when the minimum number of students have committed to make this flow ideal. These dates are subject to change if the desired number of registrants have yet to arrive. We will notify you of any date changes well in advance of the start date for the training.

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