About The Journeys With Oz

A journey is exciting. Going into the unknown. Discovery.
In the classic film the ’Wizard of Oz’ Dorothy, the scarecrow, the tinman and the cowardly lion were on a journey. They were going to the Emerald City to meet the great wizard. They believed he held the answers they were seeking. 

They wanted him to "fix" their problems. Rather than telling them what to do, the wizard helped them realize their own power. They had everything they needed all along. They just couldn't "see" it.

Our life journeys are unique. Some of the journeys are exciting, some are frightening. Some are challenging and some are mysteries. Whatever journey you are undertaking, the answers you seek are aready there inside of you. No-one or no “thing” holds the answers for you. Only you have them.
So how do we find these answers for ourselves? Come on a journey with me and find out….


We are energetic beings. That is a hard concept to grasp but it has been proven by physicist to be true. We are frequencies, vibrations, energy. Every thought we have or feeling we experience is energetic. When we make a decision to do something, think something, feel something we are responding to our internal energy map. Everything outside of us that we recognize and act upon is simply matching the energy template that is stored inside. That’s the good news.  If it is always “me” then I can do something about that. If it is outside of me then I can’t. What you think, feel and experience is creating what you think about, how you feel and what you experience.
How do we journey towards what we want rather than creating what we don’t want? 
In my journey events we focus on a topic and identify any negative thoughts, feelings and responses we are holding about it. These are old familiar patterns of coping that we have practiced. It is automatic and often unconscious. When we focus on the problem so intensly we are triggering a chemical reaction in the brain. This produces neurotransmitters that act as messengers to send this information to every cell in our body.
The challenge in our journey is to learn how to focus on the new possibilities; what we really want. Most of us have not developed this ability. We don’t know how to “see” in a new and empowered way. We can’t imagine our lives being better. If we can’t “see” it we can’t “have” it. Our brains can’t get excited about something we don’t “see”. If our brains are not excited about something new there is no enery moving us towards it.
The wizard was able to see, that was his gift. He simply pointed out to them what was obvious to him. Once he voiced it, their brains became excited about the new possibility and their energy followed. Energy follows thought. In our journey events we create new thoughts and feelings so our energy can move in a new and powerful direction.
Learn What The Wizard Knew All Along
I have been studying energy and systems of energy for over 20 years. In my journey events I share what I have learned with you. We can go on this journey together and you will discover, like Dorothy and her friends, that you already have the answers you seek. Let me help you "see" it.


Journeys With Oz

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